Cholla Cactus Indian Pass Imperial County

(Cholla Cactus, Indian Pass, Imperial County)

Day 6 “On the Road” in Joshua Tree National Park and Cholla Cactus Garden

March 15th, 2014

Went to breakfast early at the 29 Palms Inn to meet with Jane Smith, Paul’s wife, owners of the Inn. Had a lovely conversation about desert and the quiet place within that we touch upon after spending long hours, and days in the grand expanse of the place. We also spoke about how that is why some people do NOT like the desert – because they don’t WANT to necessarily get to a quiet place within. It is frightening to some. They don’t know what is out there. They might get lost, or find themselves without water or food. Or snake bitten. It is true the desert can be a harsh place. It is true, survival can be tough. But it is also a wondrous place. A place that feels so much like another planet when in fact, it is a way to see the planet earth in a whole new light.

We departed through Joshua Tree National park, passing by lots of visitors, noticing how overly well signed everything was, in contrast to Mojave National Preserve where there is so little signage, most roads keep away the faint of heart —- Yet here in Joshua Tree, I felt the signage pointed so intensely to the upcoming destination, I often forgot to enjoy the journey and all I could see on my way to the next designated point. I did not miss, however, the glory of driving by Cholla Cactus Garden whose name aptly describes exactly what it is…