Day 12 “On the Road” at the Spirit Cave in Grimes Point

March 21st, 2014

This was to be the last day of our journey. We woke up bittersweet.  We drove up the road about 15 miles to an unmarked road in search of the Spirit Cave, where years ago, a mummy was discovered, and later carbon-dated to over 9.000 years old.  I was so tired by now, I kept asking David if he was SURE he needed to actually SEE just a dusty old cave, with nothing in it.  But he insisted.  And I am glad that he did.  David pointed out that the spirit of such a place is important to experience.

Using coordinates from Map Quest, we did our best to locate what we hope was the right cave at Grimes Point.   We got on our bellies to crawl under the fence, and bouldered up through the sand to the cave.  Just as we approached the dark cavernous place, which once housed the oldest mummy ever found in North America – a bird flew out from the cave and spooked us.  After calming down from the scare, David and I each spent our own time in and around the cave.  Meditatively, photographing, listening.  Being there.