Day 3 of “On the Road” in the Mojave National

Day 3 “On the Road” In the Mojave National Preserve and Nipton, CA

March 12th, 2014

We made ourselves a bacon and egg breakfast, said our farewells, and journeyed deeper into the preserve on our way to Nipton. We drove through and meandered around the Cima Lava fields – and up to the Aiken Mine – a classic ghost town of a place, where they used to mine construction materials, some of which paved the sidewalks in Vegas, and when they went broke, just upped and left without taking half their equipment – the remnants of which still scatter the place. Such is the desert for many. Just leave it like a dump, when you are done. One funny door that was left to a workers hut had stenciled in bright orange lettering DANCE EMMA GOLDMAN DANCE. I know who Emma Goldman is but was perplexed by the graffiti until I Googled it. Its a reference to an Emma Goldman quote; “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be in your revolution.” Who knew?

We continued on to Nipton, where we were to spend two nights at the old, quirky Inn, in a tent cabin, known as the historic cabin next to a loud train that came by every hour on the hour through the night and an outdoor bathroom. Happy to have a shower, but sad to see the “floor.” Funkarino. Dirt floor. Felt like we were in a prison in the Gulag…

However loved to dine outside by the cabin. David bbq’ed steak and I made a warm spinach salad. The bbq was made out of an aluminum catering tray. Much in the desert is thrown together like this, almost by hand. People make do….

Sat by the fire David built in an old steel washing machine tumbler, then went inside the cabin to read and sleep by a funky wood burning stove. Happy for the warmth. Listened to the trains going by almost all night long blowing their horns to warn the “drivers” on a road, our guidebook quipped, has NO CARS GOING BY!

Gotta love the desert.