Day 4 of “On the Road” in Nipton CA and New York

Day 4 of “On the Road” In Nipton, CA and New York Mountains
March 13th, 2014
This was the most amazing day. In fact, the best so far on our trip. It all started off with a fresh authentic Mexican breakfast at the Nipton Hotel’s restaurant. It is called El Oasis and is run by a ma and pa team that make the lightest bestest purist Mexican fare like what I had – huevos rancheros with little to no gooey cheese and homemade rancheros sauce. In fact, they grow most of their vegetables right there in a tiny greenhouse inside the restaurant since no veggies would survive growing outside in the heat and cold of this high altitude desert.

Then we drove deep into the park to the New York Mountains for a day hike. A washboard dirt road took us to a magical place through a thick Joshua tree forest with mountains in the backdrop – up a steep canyon against granite walls, filled with sculpted rocks, to an old mine where we picnic lunched on a rock – and back again.

Drove home well worn and filled with images and memories of the place we had just been. Dined for dinner at the same place we had bfast – only place in town. Then sat by the washing machine basin fire pit once again, this time joined by another Nipton Inn guest, named John Gerard – an up and coming artist from Ireland who has been granted to create a virtual world for a New York City art show on the Ivanpah Solar plant down the street. He showed us a photo he took of it and said, “Many religions have been based on worshipping the sun. These solar panels look like they, too, are worshippers. See how they are all leaning toward the sun?”

Retired once again to our little “historic cabin” – freezing, so lit the wood burning stove to take the edge off, and dreamed of hiking up winding paths and Joshua trees, which the Mormon’s named because they, too, looked like worshippers, arms outstretched up to god…