Day 7 “On the Road” Chocolate Mountains, Imperial

Day 7 “On the Road” Chocolate Mountains, Imperial County

March 16th, 2014

We drove further to New Gold Mine, trying to find a place to photograph the open pit mine, but unable to obtain a view that was overhead enough to “get” it. We then continued our journey, taking a side trip off to the left where we risked going up the soft sandy side only to nearly slide down in four-wheel drive at a place that at least “looked” safe to descend. We then continued along S-34 and stopped to picnic in a sandy wash near the Palo Verde yellow blossoming trees “Palo Verde” and Smoke Trees for shade. Further yet, we ventured onward to a fabulous area in Picacho Recreation area to Indian Pass Road, a remote area where Terry had once camped. Here, we wandered up through mounds dotted with flowering Ocotillo, to take in the vastness, as well as sample what geologists call desert pavement – the black rocky area on top of the mound.

Made our way back to the hotel to dine yet again at our favorite hotel adjacent restaurant called the Aspen, came back to the room to catch the last 45 minutes of Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby – and went down for the night to finally a good night’s sleep after many tossy turny nights previously due to wind howling, cold temperatures, and trains going by.