Day 7 “On the Road” Off Roaders in Glamis

Day 7 “On the Road” Off-roaders in Glamis

March 16th, 2014

Continuing on our route toward the dunes in the distance, I was struck by the multi-toned beauty of the place. Far off along the horizon loomed the gentle yellow dunes, and in front of them, a layer of lava, volcanic rocky mountains. Then as we got closer, on the left of the road, which is BLM land, and restricts vehicles, began the soft hilly mounds of dunes, scattered with brush and vegetation, behind which stood the aptly named Chocolate Mountains. On the right side of the road, you can see the same set of dunes, but noticeably no vegetation, and scattered along the dunes, like ants, we could make out the off-roaders. This is the side of the road where off-roading is permitted. We turned right to take in the area at Osborne Point, before continuing further up route 78 to Glamis – the big attraction.

At Glamis, the parking area was filled with makeshift eateries based in RVs, where you could find everything from Navajo hamburgers, Crack tacos, bbq, fries, beer, T-shirts, and other paraphernalia. Terry treated us at one of these joints to a soft ice cream cone. We admired some of the off road vehicles parked in the area, many of which are self-custom made, we observed some of the riding along the dunes, then too off to continue our journey.